Wine and Cheese Tray

Whether entertaining on the boat or around the home, these wine and cheese trays are both functional and fashionable. A great present to offer your wine and cheese lover friends.


“The finish on this wine tray is smoother than a 30 year old bottle of Syrah. You never want to stop caressing it.”  Don, winery owner

The slot on the left is for storing napkins . Next to that are slots that accommodate champagne glasses , which have a 2 1/2 inch base , but flair out enough to hold a 3 5/16 inch base of a red wine glass. The middle is for food , such as fruit or chips. Then the hole accommodates the bottle of champagne or wine with a cheese cutting board next to it. All of the interior pieces can come out for easy cleaning of the box or to use the box for storage of something else. You can’t drink wine all the time !!