Hospital Architecture Model

Model of a hospital that was built in India.

This model was made for and designed by an architect friend of mine, Shubankar Sanyal.  The top, oval shaped piece , represents the heli- port with an ac unit to the right, a service elevator sticking up in the rear and a glass elevator in the front. There is , also, another glass elevator lower down and to the left. The rooftops that step up on the spiral are for gardens to help feed the patients. The verticals slats represent wing walls ,that stick out about 3 feet , to help shade the patients from getting to much direct sunlight. The horizontal pieces are window boxes for flowers. The large , white rooftop shelters an open area for people to get fresh air without the sunlight. There are 2 floors below ground level , one of them being the pharmacy, the other a cafeteria, and the smaller white roof top collects water that goes into a pond where fish are kept. When in the lower levels a person is able to view these fish through a glass wall. The hospital accommodates 250 plus patients.

This was a challenge for me, being the first model that I have made and it was designed using the metric system, which I had to convert over to the Imperial System to grasp the size of it.