Collectors Chest of Drawers

This 16 drawer unit is made of black walnut figured veneer and solid wood. All of the drawers are made with hand cut dovetails and the knobs are solid brass.

The piece was made to help contain a collection of crooked knives , of which I had never heard of before. It is not the blade that is crooked, but the handle and the thumb goes against the crook allowing the user to have leverage as it is pulled toward the individual. It was invented and used by the early American Indians and the collector has over 250 knives.

An interesting fact that I found out when delivering this to Nicholas Starr (the owner) was that our ancestors came over together, from England , on the ship Hercules in 1634 !


It was love at first sight, and I love it even more now that it has become a member of the household.  Thank you !

Nicholas Starr