Quilted Maple Coffee Table

This coffee table was made of quilted maple with  sculpted cherry legs. The piece used for the top was very bowed and therefore I made a step in the top so that I did not lose the thickness on the ends. I then stained the piece black and sanded most of it off, therefore the stain stayed in the porous figured grain making it ‘pop out’ compared to the flat grain of the lighter wood. The legs were made to make a person think of trees holding up a canopy of leaves.


I put my new table under the big living room window to be able to get a better look at it, and realized that the legs, which I had paid little attention to compared to my obsession with the top, are a little masterpiece:  they look like small trees supporting a canopy, and are in beautiful proportion to the top.  Also, while I had been thinking of a single larger butterfly to secure the “crack” in the top, I love the whimsy of the two small ones.  All in all, I am entirely delighted with your creation and my new work of useful art. Thank you,